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Catawba County Government


Form Section 1

If you would like to anonymously report information regarding a crime to the Catawba County Sheriff's Office, please fill out the form below, then click on Submit Anonymous Tip.

This form is completely anonymous. We will not know who sent it.

If you would rather contact the Catawba County Sheriff's Office directly, call 465-8312 or 464-6932.

Primary Suspect Information

Form Section 2

Additional Suspect Information

Please enter information if there are additional suspects involved in the crime you are reporting. If there is more than one additional suspect involved in this crime, please include the information about those suspects in the "CRIME M.O. Section below. There is ample space in that section to list any and all additional suspects with full descriptions and information.

Form Section 3

Crime Information

Form Section 4

Crime M.O.

Please enter the Method of Operation for the criminals. Please be as detailed as possible and include all the information that you have. If this tip is regarding missing children, please give the possible location of the child and the information on the person who is in custody of the child. Don't forget additional suspect names, addresses, and locations in this area. Please also include information about the activity and if there are possibly children present that are affected by the any ongoing criminal activity.

Form Section 5

Additional Information

Thank you for helping us make our community safer